Can you walk on metal roofing?

While the answer is yes, our team never recommends it. If you must walk on a metal roof, be sure to follow all safety precautions.

Walking on your metal roof can be dangerous. While our team never recommends this, sometimes situations arise that require you to get on top of your metal roof and walk around. From removing a fallen tree branch to repairs, walking on a metal roof can be dangerous and shouldn't be taken lightly.

If you must walk on your metal roof, make sure you do the following:

  • Always have one other person present
  • Wear soft, rubbed-soled shoes
  • Choose an overcast, dry day
  • Use fall protection & an OSHA approved ladder
  • Walk slowly
  • Avoid walking on ribs, laps, etc.
  • Check with your Product Specialists first for more in-depth information
  • Use lightweight tools & a tool pouch
  • When in doubt, call in a professional 

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