Do you sell touch-up paint?

Depending on the color or finish you selected for your metal panels, we do sell touch-up paint pens in select colors in our online store.

While we do sell touch-up paint pen in select colors on our online store, not all colors are available. The easiest fix is to take in a sample (or scrap) piece of your metal panel to a local paint store to get color matched (Lowe’s, Sherman Williams, etc.). 

The PVDF (Kynar) color code that we use is only for high-speed paint line rollers and after application, it is oven cured. This specific paint does not cross over to any paint codes for field-applied paint that is allowed to air dry. 

You should apply the paint using an artist brush by slowly painting in the exposed metal only. The touch-up paint will fade at a different rate (much quicker) and shine if it’s slapped all over the panel. In a couple of years, that paint will really shine.

To take an in-depth look at how to touch up paint on metal roofing and siding systems, check out our blog "How to Touch Up Paint on Metal Panels."