Can I do a flat metal roof design in a snowy area?

There are strong, structural panels that Bridger Steel recommends for low slope or flat metal roofing in snowy enviornments.

When it comes to a flat roof design, you have to think about your environment and roof slope before deciding on a panel. First, measure your roof to determine the slope. Then, talk to a Bridger Steel Product Specialist about which panel is best-suited for your roof slope and environment. Typically, we would not recommend metal panels on anything less than a .5/12 roof slope. Our 2" Mechanical Lock panels and 2" Snap Seam panels are top recommended for low slope roofs in tough environments like heavy snow.

As always, it's crucial to talk with a Bridger Steel team member before purchasing panels to ensure you're choosing the right panel for your home or building. Contact us today about low slope roof options.