How do I get the pitch of my roof?

You can measure the pitch of your roof with a simple tape measure and level.

The pitch of your roof is the slope of the roof pane — basically it refers to your roof’s steepness. It is determined by finding the amount of rise per foot run, and by how many inches the slope of your roof rises for every 12 inches it runs horizontally. You can find the pitch of your roof inside (as long as you have access to your roof from inside) by using a tape measure and contractor’s level that’s at least 24 inches long.

Start by placing the end of the level against the edge of the roof and extending it into the air so it becomes level. Then, measure down from the exposed end back to the roof surface and divide the results by the number of twelve inch segments on your level. For reference, any pitch greater than 3:12 is considered steep, and any pitch less than 1.5:12 is considered very low sloped. 

If you are still unsure about the pitch of your roof or how to find it, talk with one of our Product Specialists